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Ultimate Guide to Betting on EPL in Kenya


The English Premier League is hands down the world's top domestic football league based on the quality of play, the level of competition and the entertainment value it provides. From August to May, the EPL delivers a box office treat with 20 quality clubs competing against one another in often thrilling matches.

The title race this season promises to be the most exciting in years. Liverpool took their feet off the gas and dropped some early points, while Arsenal stepped up their game and climbed into contention. In its quest to secure its ninth Premier League title, Manchester City is off to a flying start.

At 10bet Kenya, EPL online betting accounts for most of the football-betting activity. Punters of all levels frequent our site to place wagers on renowned clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool.

We provide comprehensive coverage of the entire EPL, offering a variety of markets for both pre-match and in-play betting. Day in and day out, we provide the most competitive EPL odds in the business along with the most lucrative betting promotions. 

The following guide will give you some pointers on how to bet on the EPL, the different types of bets you can make, and everything else you need to know to make informed betting decisions.

EPL History 

The English Premier League was founded in 1992. It is descended from the Football League, the oldest professional football league in the world.

In the beginning, the EPL consisted of the top-flight division teams of its predecessor. Twenty-two clubs broke away from the Football League's First Division to form an independent league that would use a different revenue model, whereby they wouldn’t share TV rights income with the other teams. 

As a result, the century-old four-division model was broken up. The English Premier League would be independent, whereas the English Football League would be divided into three divisions. 

It was decided that the EPL and the EFL would operate under a relegation-promotion system. At the end of the campaign, the three Premier League teams with the fewest points would be relegated to the Championship. In contrast, three top-performing Championship teams would be transferred to the EPL. 

Since the inaugural EPL season, only six teams haven’t been relegated — Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton, and Tottenham. 

As a result of a reconstruction in 1995/96, the number of teams was reduced to 20, which is how many teams make up the EPL today.

Manchester United is the most successful EPL team. The Red Devils reigned supreme in the 90s, winning six of their 13 titles. Their inner-city rivals, Manchester City, have dominated the Premier League in the last five seasons, winning four titles.

English Premier League 2022 Teams

The EPL features 20 teams, many of which are based in London. During the campaign, each club plays the other teams twice — once at home and once away. The contesting teams, therefore, play 38 games throughout the season, which runs from August to May. 

Until recently, the EPL was the only major league in Europe without a winter break. The winter break was introduced for the 2021/22 season to reduce schedule congestion and combat Coronavirus spread.

The winter break in 2022/23 will last from 13 November to 26 December. 

A few rule changes have also been implemented. Namely, teams can now substitute up to five players per game from a bench of nine. Lineup changes can be made three times during the game, excluding halftime. The three promoted teams this season are Bournemouth, Fulham, and Nottingham Forest, replacing Watford, Burnley, and Norwich City.

Nottingham Forest, a two-time European cup winner, returned to the Premier League this season for the first time since 1999, ending a 23-year drought. 

Manchester City is the reigning champion of the EPL. The Sky Blues have won the title four times since Pep Guardiola took over as the manager in 2016.

The following is a list of the teams vying for the Premier League trophy in 2022/23, along with their home stadiums. At 10bet EPL betting app, you'll find detailed betting coverage of each of these clubs and their matches. 



Home Stadium


Emirates Stadium, London

Aston Villa

Villa Park, Birmingham


Vitality Stadium, Bournemouth


Brentford Community Stadium, London


American Express Community Stadium, Falmer


Stamford Bridge, London

Crystal Palace

Selhurst Park, London


Goodison Park, Liverpool


Craven Cottage, London

Leeds United

Elland Road, Leeds

Leicester City

King Power Stadium, Leicester


Anfield, Liverpool

Manchester City

Etihad Stadium, Manchester 

Manchester United

Old Trafford, Manchester

Newcastle United

St James’ Park, Newcastle

Nottingham Forest

City Ground, Nottingham


St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London

West Ham United

London Stadium, London

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Molineux, Wolverhampton

How to Get Started with English Premier League Betting 

EPL online betting at 10bet Kenya is easy and straightforward. You can sign up and deposit within minutes. The registration process is a breeze as you merely need to provide basic information about your ID and whereabouts. 

With your new account, you can place bets on your favourite Premier League teams using your PC or mobile device.

Here’s a mini step-by-step guide on how to get your account up and running: 

  1. Click or tap on the Join Now button via the homepage. 

  2. Fill out the application form by providing your personal details and login credentials. Afterwards, tick the T&C boxes and confirm that you’re 18 or over.

  3. Type in your phone number. 

  4. Validate your account via a 4-digit PIN that will be sent to your mobile. 

  5. Open the Deposit tab within your account menu to add some funds.

  6. Enter payment method details and input the amount you want to deposit. 

  7. Once the deposit settles, you can claim the welcome bonus. 

  8. Navigate to the sports section and find the English Premier League under Football. 

  9. Choose a match you want to bet on and the desired market. 

  10. Type in the stake and place your wager.

  11. Good luck! 

You can check the status of your bet slip via the My Bets carousel. If your picks come through, 10bet will process the payout as soon as the bets are settled. 

Bet on the EPL While on the Go 

If betting on the go is your thing, you’ll be delighted to hear that 10bet Kenya has two fully optimised standalone apps for iOS and Android. 

The links are readily available on the homepage — just go to the bottom of the page and tap on the Android or iOS icon, depending on the type of device you’re using. Then, follow the prompts and complete the installation process. Once you set it up, you’ll be able to bet on the EPL from anywhere in Kenya — anytime you want. 

Our mobile apps are great looking, user-friendly, and responsive. The interface is easy to navigate, with all the key menus laid out intuitively. Whether you want to make pre-match bets or place a few in-play picks, you can do it in a few taps. 

For optimum mobile betting performance, make sure that your device is using the latest OS. Also, Android users may have to tap the Unknown Sources toggle switch. 

Stability-wise, our iOS and Android apps hold up exceptionally well. You won't have to deal with delays, freezes, or other performance issues like with some other bookmakers. Once you select it, the EPL betting menu will appear almost instantly. It's all smooth sailing from there on. 

How to Read English Premier League Betting Odds — The Basics 

By default, 10bet Kenya displays odds in decimal format, which is easy to understand even if you’re a novice. A simple glance at the numbers will tell you which team is the favourite and which is the underdog.

The odds show how much you stand to win from successful bets per 1 KES staked. Unlike American odds, the number indicates the total payout, not just the net profit. Your stake is also included in the calculation, making it much easier for you to work out your payout. 

Lower odds indicate a greater likelihood of an event occurring and vice versa. Generally, favourites have lower odds, while underdogs have higher odds and thus a higher payout potential. 

According to 10bet Kenya's odds chart, the home team appears first, while the visiting squad is listed below. 

If you're still struggling with how to read odds and calculate payouts, here are a few examples to help you fill in the blanks. 

Let’s say you want to put in a few shillings on a Boxing Day matchup between Liverpool and Manchester City, which promises to be an absolute thriller. Here’s how the 1x2 (odds for our hypothetical match might look: 





Manchester City vs






In this fictitious match, the Sky Blues are playing home and are considered a mild favourite. Their listed odds are 2.05, which means a winning 100 KES bet would payout 205 KES — 105 KES in profit. 

We must also consider the withholding tax on winning bets, which is currently 20%. In our example, the tax would be 21 KES, your total payout 184 KES, and your net profit 84 KES. 

What Types of Bets Can I Place on EPL Today? 

In 10bet Kenya, every EPL match is covered wall-to-wall, whether it's a high-profile derby or a bottom-of-the-table showdown between relegation-battling clubs. 

Depending on the fixture, there could be as many as 450 different bets available. From standard 1x2 wagers to outright winner bets and an array of specials, the choices are seemingly endless. 

We post our Premier League odds earlier than other bookmakers, so you’ll have plenty of time to weigh your picks. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular types of wagers you can place in the 10bet EPL betting app.


1X2 Betting 

1X2, also known as “win-draw-win,” is akin to a three-way moneyline. It is possible to bet on either team winning or a draw. The symbols in the notation are as follows: 

  • 1 — home team win 

  • X — draw 

  • 2 — away team win 

When odds on 1 and 2 differ significantly, a lopsided match is expected. A balanced match should see similar prices for teams A and B. 

Double Chance 

If you want to play it safe, the double chance should be your go-to bet. This wager covers two outcomes, so you can choose between three combinations: 

  • Team A win or draw 

  • Team B win or draw 

  • Team A win or Team B win 

The double chance is much easier to hit than a 1x2 bet but comes with a tradeoff — smaller payouts. Generally, experienced punters make double chance bets on close matches.


Betting on totals means you're betting on whether the total number of goals scored in an EPL match will exceed or fall below the posted estimate. Taking the “over” side, for example, requires 3 goals scored for your bet to be successful. In the case of a low-scoring game, you would bet on the “under,” which would require fewer than three goals to be scored.

Both Teams to Score 

This bet is self-explanatory. It’s a two-way, yes/no market. By picking “yes,” you’re betting that both teams will score at least one goal in the match. Taking the “no” side means that you’re predicting a scoreless draw or a convincing win by one of the teams. 

1st Half Betting 

First-half bets only consider the score after the first half of the match. In addition to betting on the match result, you can bet on the total number of goals scored by HT. 

We also have a variation of this bet called half-time/full-time, where we let you wager on both the outcome after half-time and full-time. Get both halves right, and you're in for a huge payday.


A handicap effectively balances out a match. Underdogs are given a head start, while the perceived favourites are weakened (handicapped). As a result, the underdog team will have one or more goals added to its total, while the favourite team will have that same number of goals subtracted from its tally. 

Let’s demonstrate how this works via an example. 

Let's say Chelsea is a -1.5 favourite against Wolves. They would have to win by 2 or more goals for your bet on them to be successful. A Chelsea victory of 3:1 or 2:0 would pay out, but a victory of 1:0 wouldn’t. 

Correct Score

This is a bet where you need to predict the exact final score of a match. We’ll list a range of potential score lines and the odds for each. The more unusual the score, the bigger the potential payout. As a result, you might see 50.00 odds for a score of 4:3.


Specials or props bets tackle specific occurrences within an EPL match. It can be based on a player, a team, or a match and is usually linked to a statistical milestone. A few examples are provided below:

  • Draw no bet — It’s like 1x2, but without the draw. You’re essentially backing one team to win. 

  • 1st goal — Betting on which team will score the first goal in a match. You can also take “none,” which denotes a scoreless draw. 

  • Team total — With this wager, you’re betting that a particular team will score more or fewer goals than the line implies. 

  • Odd/even — Bet on whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be odd or even. 

  • Team X clean sheet — This is a market in which you’re betting that a specific team will win without conceding a single goal. 

  • 10-minute bets — Bet on the outcome of the first 10 minutes.

EPL Outright Betting 

In general, outright markets are bets that won't be decided anytime soon, usually involving winning a championship. With 10Bet KE, EPL outright odds extend beyond league-winner markets. You may encounter the following outright bets for the Premier League

  • To finish bottom — Betting on which team will collect the fewest points during the season. 

  • Best promoted team — A wager on which of the three newly promoted teams will perform best.

  • Top goalscorer — Pick a player that you believe will win the Golden Boot — score the most goals during the season. 

  • Top London club — Pick the best-performing team from London.

  • Not to finish in the top 4 — Here, you bet on a team finishing anywhere between 5–20.

Premier League Live Betting Odds 

By definition, live or in-play is a form of wagering that allows punters to place bets on events that are underway. The odds and lines fluctuate continuously throughout the match to reflect scoring and momentum changes. If you see a live bet you want to take, you should react quickly; otherwise, you could miss your chance.

Live betting and fast-paced events like the EPL are a match made in heaven. In your live betting program, you’ll find more than 50 wagers for every Premier League match, including 1x2, totals, handicaps, both teams to score, and more.  

The green arrow in your betting slip denotes an increase in odds, while the red arrow pops up when the odds for a given market plummet.  

You'll find a stats hub in the live betting lobby that provides detailed information about the matchup, such as H2H, form, table position, etc. These are all factors you should consider when making your EPL picks. 

Betting Tips English Premier League 

There are no shortcuts to becoming a successful EPL punter. The only way to make the much-covered profit is to put in the work and analyse each matchup closely.

While there are no guarantees with any bet, in-depth research will significantly increase your long-term win rate. 

In light of this, the following English Premier League betting tips may help you get over the hump.

Don’t Cut Back On Statistics 

Pre-match research seems like a vague suggestion, so let's be more specific.

When crunching the numbers, you should consider a few statistical parameters. Understanding these factors will allow you to make better predictions about the match.

Begin with simple statistics, such as how many goals each team scored in previous encounters, and then move on to more advanced analytics, including possession, attempts on goal, corners, and yellow cards.

It is also important to take note of the form of key players, as their performances will have a significant impact on the team's success. In cases where the star player struggles to find his A game, his poor performance will negatively impact the team — big time. 

Check out the Recent Form 

Analysing team form is an integral part of football analysis. After beating a few quality squads in a row, a team will be riding high going into their next match. Therefore, they should be considered even if the odds do not indicate it.

The reverse logic applies as well. You can bet on a quality team to snap out of a cold streak if they lose several matches in a row against inferior opponents.

As you evaluate recent form, consider auxiliary factors like schedule, the incentive to win, and injuries. In particular, the top-tier teams will have a hectic schedule due to their participation in European competitions such as the Europa League and Champions League. The possibility of upsets is increased as a result.

Look at the H2H

Head-to-head records indicate how one team compares with another. Tottenham, for example, has not beaten their city rival Chelsea for quite some time now, proving that the Blues are not a good matchup for the Spurs. Therefore, a double chance bet on Chelsea or draw seems a sure thing, barring any major injuries.

Scan News and Injury Reports 

Injuries can compromise the integrity of matches, especially when key players are involved. If the team, which is already thin in defence, is missing their starting right back, it will struggle against offensive powerhouses like Manchester City and Liverpool. 

Be on the lookout for breaking news that might affect team chemistry, including player-management issues.  

Manage Your Bankroll

Placing bets recklessly is a recipe for disaster. The best betting bankroll management strategies will tell you to avoid chasing losses and only bet as much as you can afford to lose. 

It is a good idea to set a budget before you embark on your Premier League betting endeavours. Whatever happens, you should stick to your budget; even if it means missing some bets that you feel compelled to place. 

Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions 

Bonuses and promotions can significantly boost your bankroll. These increase your chances of winning indirectly by extending your betting time. 

In this regard, 10bet Kenya is more generous than most. We provide a hefty intro promo for new customers plus a range of benefits for recurring customers — acca boosts, football lotto jackpots, insurance bets — you name it, we have it. 

To keep up with the latest promotions, check our promo page regularly.

Why 10Bet? 

On the off chance that you’re still unsure whether 10bet is your go-to bookmaker for Premier League betting, here are some compelling reasons to convince you to reconsider. 

Competitive Bonuses and Promotions 

We have the most rewarding bonus program of all bookmakers in Kenya. Newcomers can claim a king-sized welcome bonus — 150% match up to 10,000 KES — that stretches across the first three deposits. 

Once you become a regular bettor, you can benefit from a host of other promotions. Some are temporary, while others are long-term, like the acca boost, which increases payouts on winning accumulators by as much as 1,000%! 

Best Odds in the Business 

10bet consistently provides the most competitive EPL in the industry. This is also true for other football leagues and other sports. 

In practice, this means that you'll get the best return on investment when it comes to winning bets. The differences may not be noticeable at first glance, but the numbers can add up, especially for high-volume punters. 

Safe and Regulated 

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see that we’re fully regulated and comply with Kenyan gambling laws. Specifically, 10bet is approved by the Betting Control and Licensing Board under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act, cap 131, laws of Kenya. 

What’s more, we use top-notch security measures to keep your private data safe. These include high levels of encryption and state-of-the-art firewalls, among other safety mechanisms. 

Array of Betting Markets 

From a slew of pre-match markets to an extensive live betting portfolio, our EPL betting menu runs the gamut. All the usual suspects are in the mix, including 1x2 bets, both teams to score, totals, handicaps, and halftime wagers. 

On top of all this, you’ll find numerous props and specials, including correct score, 1st goal, and odd/even bets. 

Our outright betting catalogue is equally impressive, spanning an array of choices. Apart from garden-variety season winner bets, you’ll find all kinds of derivatives. For example, you can bet on a team to finish outside the top 4 once the season wraps up. 

Easy Funding and Cashing Out 

10bet Kenya supports a wide range of payment methods, so you’ll have plenty of ways to get funds to and from your account. Deposits are instantaneous, while cashouts may take a few days to process, depending on the method. 

As it stands, the minimum withdrawal amount is 50 KES, while the maximum is 300,000 KES per day. 

The maximum daily winnings from winning tickets are capped at 10,000,00 KES daily. 

Readily Available Customer Support 

In case of hangups, feel free to reach out to our professional and responsive customer support. You can get in touch via multiple contact methods, including email and live chat. 

Whatever method you choose, you’ll receive a prompt resolution to your issue. 

You can also try to troubleshoot the problem via our FAQ section. It covers all the relevant topics, including deposits, bonuses, and banking. 


How can I bet on the Premier League with 10bet Kenya? 

First up, sign up for an account. This is a two-minute job, tops. After that, go to the cashier and make a deposit. On the deposit page, you’ll be presented with several payment methods. Before signing off on the transaction, make sure that you’ve met the minimum deposit requirement for the welcome bonus. After the deposit settles and you claim the welcome bonus, find EPL within football on the left-side menu. You can also track it down in seconds via the search bar. 

What are the minimum and maximum stakes for the EPL at 10bet? 

The least acceptable stake amount for an EPL bet is 10 KES, while the maximum is 500,000 KES per betting slip. 

Can I bet on EPL matches while on the go? 

Yes, you can place bets on the Premier League at 10bet from your mobile, using the native apps or the browser-based version of the platform. If you choose the latter option, you won’t have to download any software. 

Can I use bonuses and promotions for EPL markets? 

Of course! Many of our promotions are designed specifically for Premier League football. Some bonuses may incur wagering requirements and odds restrictions, so check the T&C page before claiming a promotion. 

Is 10bet Kenya safe? 

100%! Not only have we been approved by the country’s gambling regulator, the Betting Control and Licensing Board, but our platform also uses the most advanced security protocols on the web.


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