1. General

As the holder of a remote gaming operating license, 10bet must comply with all the gambling laws, license conditions, codes of practice and other guidance applicable to Regulator's licensees.

2. Complaint handling procedure

In cases where a customer is not satisfied with the outcome or response to a request or query, he has made, or any other situation concerning his account, they can submit an internal complaint.

Complaints may be submitted by customers in a written form to [email protected]

  • If a customer contacts Customer Service through [email protected], Chatbot or “Contact Us” form, Customer Service must advise the customer to send his detailed complaint in written form to:
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • If a customer submits a complaint, an acknowledgment of the complaint should be provided to the customer within 72 hours. Customer Service shall review the complaint and ensure that it contains all the necessary information in order to investigate it, and if it does not, Customer Service shall then ask the customer to provide any further required information.

Section 12 of 10bet's Terms & Conditions sets out the information which the customer must submit when making a complaint to the operator, being:

  • Customer's mobile number;
  • Customer's first name and surname, as registered on the customer account;
  • A detailed explanation of the complaint; and
  • Any specific dates and times associated with the complaint.

Once 10bet has all the necessary information, the complaint will be reviewed by the Customer Service team for assessment and resolution.

Customer Service may require assistance from the Compliance Team. In any case, the complaint handling process shall not last for a period longer than ten days, unless the complaint raises exceptional circumstances which require extensive investigation and, in such cases, Customer Support shall send an email to the customer explaining why 10bet does not yet have a final response, and when it reasonably expects to have one.

Upon the completion of any necessary investigations, Customer Service will send the customer a written decision in respect of the proposed resolution of the complaint. In circumstances where the complaint has been concluded by 10bet, and the customer is unsatisfied with the resolution, the customer shall be informed of their right to refer the matter for Arbitration by a single arbitrator agreed by the parties in writing or approach the Gambling Commission.

3. Information to customers

10bet must provide information about its complaints handling procedure to its customers. Such information must include the procedure, the relevant details of how to make a complaint and the relevant contact details as well as the identity of the adjudication entities made available to the customers. Customers have a right to request and receive a copy of the operators' complaints handling procedure, as detailed on 10bet's website. Upon request, Customer Service shall provide them with it in a PDF format by phone or email.