10bet™ — Your Ticket to Sports Betting With Top Odds and Great Market Coverage

Are you looking for the best sports betting in Kenya? Have you had your fill of subpar websites with mediocre betting offers and good-for-nothing odds? Don’t worry; 10bet™ is coming to the rescue. From the moment you land on 10bet™, you’ll see why it is poised to become the number one Kenya betting operator. 

10bet™ covers all matches and fixtures from 30 different sports worldwide, including niche competitions such as virtual sports, e-sports, and many others. While browsing the sports that you can bet on, pay special attention to the market coverage. There are over 100 football matches available daily, with top fixtures from the Kenyan Premier League, the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and all other competitions worldwide. 

What’s more, 10bet™ is a place where your shillings are worth more, thanks to the competitive sports betting odds. 

Still, we have only just scratched the surface. Are you ready to see the real firepower of 10bet™? Keep reading and discover one of the best online betting sites in the country. 

What Makes 10bet™ the Best Betting Site in Kenya

No one will give you any leeway in the cut-throat sports market in Kenya — you have to fight for it, and we at 10bet™ are locked and loaded. Here’s what we bring to the table to keep our punters coming back for more.

GamesGreat online sports betting coverage

No matter what event you want to bet on, you are sure to find it at 10bet™. We cover all the major sports, competitions, tournaments, and events possible to meet your needs. 

LiveTop betting odds

What good does extensive betting coverage do if you can’t get good odds for those matches? With 10bet™, you’ll get the most competitive odds on the market and get the most out of every wager. 

Trending upFull live online sports betting coverage

Nothing beats the thrill of placing a bet on a match in progress. You can easily do that at 10bet™ with a few simple clicks. 

SettingsIntuitive website

We created our website with you, the users, in mind. The entire process of registering an account and placing a bet is simplified. The site is easy to navigate and intuitive; all categories and sports are located in a single drop-down menu. 

GiftCash-out feature

If things are not going your way and you're one result away from a win, use the cash-out feature. Don’t wait for things to go south. You can at least get some money back.

TOPMultiple bonuses and promotions

10bet™ offers a variety of welcome bonuses, including deposit bonuses, free bets, and many other perks to new players. Existing players are not forgotten, either. Many cashback, freebet, odds boost and other deals await the most loyal players.

10bet AppFully functional 10bet™ mobile app

If you want to take your betting experience on the go, the 10bet™ Android app is just what you need. Download it to your device and enjoy excellent stability and customisation options. 

LockTop-notch security

10bet™ protects all player transactions with layers of encryption and firewalls so that all information and financial details are protected at all times. 

PaymentFast deposits and withdrawals

10bet™ has done a great job partnering with payment providers that can process your deposits and withdrawals in Kenyan shillings and with lightning speed.  

Support24/7 customer support

10bet™ sports betting wouldn’t be smooth sailing if it weren’t for the dedicated customer support team ready to help the punters with any issue they might experience round the clock.

10bet™ Sports Betting Offer

All of the best betting sites need extensive market and sports coverage, and 10bet™ has made sure to cater to the needs of all types of punters out there.

The most common sports on offer are football, basketball, tennis, rugby, cricket, and several other popular markets. However, 10bet™ has gone a step further and incorporated MMA, ice hockey, table tennis, American Football, Aussie rules rugby, badminton, and other niche markets.

The same MO applies to the list of leagues, competitions, and tournaments you’ll come across at 10bet™. The more, the better. Everything from local football championships from virtually every country in the world to top snooker and table tennis tournaments awaits at 10bet™. 

The icing on the cake is the betting options on virtual sports and e-sports, such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Virtual Dog Racing, and others that provide betting options on-demand at any given point. 

Leading Betting Sports Categories at 10bet™

With over 30 sports on offer, 10bet™ boasts one of the most diverse offers in the market. Let’s explore the top sports in more detail.



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Football is 10bet’s bread and butter. All major tournaments and leagues are covered, from the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and Germany’s Bundesliga, to national leagues worldwide. 



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If you want to bet on grand slams, tennis tournaments from the ATP Masters 1000 series, and other ATP and WTA competitions, 10bet™ is one of the best sites to do so.  



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Basketball is highly popular among Kenyan punters. At 10bet™, you’ll find odds for the NBA, Euroleague, European Basketball Championship, the basketball matches at the Olympic Games tournament, and all other notable competitions.



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Rugby is gaining popularity among Kenyan punters who can explore different odds and markets for rugby leagues at 10bet™. We cover matches from the Australian National Rugby League, Super League, Rugby World Cup, and many others.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

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There are more than 100 rugby fixtures on 10bet™’s daily menu. Check out the hottest matches from the NHL, Russian KHL, Austrian ICE Hockey League, Finnish Liiga, and other notable competitions. 



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Cricket is a year-long sport with exciting betting opportunities, especially when proposition bets are considered. Explore the betting offer for the Pakistan Super League, the Big Bash League, Indian Premier League, and other cricket competitions from across the globe.  



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Volleyball might not be as popular as other sports, but its betting options are no less exciting. Whether it’s the Russian Pro League or the FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship, you’ll always find good volleyball online betting options at 10bet™.

Table tennis

Table tennis

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Table tennis is a niche sport when it comes to betting. Still, considering the betting markets it offers and how widespread it is, there’s always a chance to find a wagering opportunity or two. 

American Football

American Football

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NFL football fans will relish the betting offer 10bet™ provides on the most popular sport in North America. Explore the totals, spreads, and other types of bets and see if you can predict the next Super Bowl winner. 



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UFC and other MMA fights are incredibly exciting to watch and bet on. If you don’t shy away from a bit of blood and gore, UFC events are a perfect betting option at 10bet™. 

Note that this is just a sample of the type of sports betting in Kenya you can expect to find at 10bet™. There are many other sports you can explore. Register an account and start browsing the different categories. They are all placed in a special menu, so accessing the sports is easy. 

Top Sports Leagues Covered by 10bet™

Not only will you find a lot of sports at 10bet™, but almost twice as many leagues and competitions. Let’s highlight some of them. 

CAF Confederations Cup

The CAF Confederations Cup gathers all the top African clubs in a competition to be crowned the best football club in Africa. 10bet™ covers all matches from the competition and offers top odds for those fixtures. 

UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is a top-tier European football club competition that puts together all the best clubs from the Big 5 leagues, plus the champions from other European competitions. 

UEFA Europa League

The second strongest European club competition is the UEFA Europa League, with equally as many betting opportunities and quality football.  

Premier League

The English Premier League is regarded as the world's best national football club competition. With the arrival of Haaland to Manchester City, the scales might tip in their favour. If you want to explore that or believe other teams will have a shot at the title, go to the Premier League for the ultimate football online sports betting in Kenya.   

La Liga

La Liga is the top football competition in Spain, where Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and other top-quality teams lock horns and fight for the title. 


Bundesliga is another competition among the Big 5 leagues. It’s the top football league in Germany, dominated by Bayern Munich. Will there be any challengers this season? Join 10bet™ now and see for yourself. 

Serie A

This is another football competition that has proven that phoenixes may rise from the ashes. Look at AC Milan — from the brink of disaster to the championship title in only a few seasons. Can they repeat the feat? Bet on Serie A fixtures and enjoy top football. 


Betting on the NBA is what many basketball fans in Kenya enjoy daily. Join thousands of 10bet™ sports betting enthusiasts and see if Steph Curry, Nikola Jokic, and the other players can deliver the basketball magic we are accustomed to.


Explore hundreds of betting markets for top NFL duels representing the best of American football. 


The European basketball championship gathers the best national teams from Europe. 10bet™ covers all matches from the tournament, with hundreds of betting markets available.  

10bet™ Sports Betting Explained

To provide a well-rounded betting experience to all punters, 10bet™ has prepared a series of betting tips and guides like this one to help you take your betting game to the next level. 

Of course, it all starts with the betting offer and the competitive sports betting odds. Whether you are willing to put down only a couple of shillings or are a high roller looking to bet and win big, 10bet™ will find a way to accommodate your betting plan. 

The most popular matches from all sports occupy prominent positions on the homepage, so you are never far from the hottest betting action. The different sports and sections include the Promotions tab, Pick 6 or V League, and unique virtual games found nowhere else. 

As with all betting sites in Kenya, sports betting can be divided into several types. Below, you’ll find out more about them. 

Pre-Match Betting

Pre-match betting is the basic form of online sports betting. It refers to the ability to place a bet on any sporting event before its start. You can engage in pre-match betting on all types of sports out there. 

You can opt for the regular moneyline, outright, or 1X2 wagers, where you can bet on the outcome of every match. There are also dozens of proposition bets, handicaps, accumulators, and many other forms of bets and betslips, but they all refer to pre-game betting. 

Outright Betting

Outright betting means betting on the outright winner of a competition or a tournament, hence the name. You can place these bets well before the contest has even begun, in which case you can count on the best possible betting odds. As the teams or players advance, their odds shorten, so the sooner you place the bet, the better. This is one of the best betting tips anyone will ever give you, so take note. 

It’s also possible to place an outright bet even when the league gets underway. The important thing is to choose the team or player you want to back and wait for the bets to settle. You can bet on the winner of the FIFA World Cup, the NBA, the Premier League, or any other league. 

Live Betting

Live betting, or in-play betting, is an exciting way to bet. It allows punters to place a wager on games in progress. The entire live online sports betting system is created so that you can place a bet within seconds without having to miss a single moment of the action. 

The appeal of live wagering lies in its essence — you can bet on matches in progress. You can see the game’s momentum for yourself and adjust your bets accordingly. Even if you have placed pre-match wagers, you can now place an entirely different bet based on what happens on the pitch or court. This way, you can improve your chances of walking away with a win. 

However, live wagering has its downsides. You need to wait for the right moment to take full advantage of the moving odds, but it’s easy to miss that opportunity, which leaves you with nothing. Also, be careful not to chase your losses with live betting. If you counter the pre-match bet with a live one, and the pre-match one comes through in the end, the winnings might not be enough to cover the losing stake for the live bet.

Take Advantage of the Best Sports Betting Odds at 10bet™

Are you wondering how 10bet™ remains on top? We’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s the odds we offer that propel us there. When you compare the odds on our site with our competitors, you’ll see that few can compete with us. 

10bet™ is always willing to offer odds boosts and lower the vig or juice even further to provide the best value for your money. Another important fact is that we don’t just do that for the most popular sports. Although odds boost promos are often linked to matches from the Champions League or the Premier League, the odds found on other sports and competitions are also comparable in value to the top bookies in the world. 

Don’t take our word for it. Shop around. Compare the odds for yourself or use a comparison site. It’s up to you. It’s a good tactic to see which bookies are willing to sacrifice some profit to give you, the players, a chance to win more. Just note that the result will be the same, regardless. We offer the highest odds possible on all top events, especially on the matches from the Big 5 leagues. 

Most Popular Sports Betting Markets at 10bet™

The variety of bets you can place on all sports differs from sport to sport. What’s more, for sports such as football, you can regularly find over 300 possible bets you can place on a single match, making them impossible to count. However, we can highlight markets that exist across various sports, such as: 


The 1X2 or the moneyline is the basic bet across all sports since it lets you predict the outcome of a given match. To back the home team to win the game, you bet on (1); if you think the visitors are running away with it, then bet (2). If you believe the match will end in a draw, the (X) marks the spot. At 10bet™, you will click on the team's name, and the home team is displayed first. 


The total wagers are related to the total number of points or goals a bookmaker predicts will be scored. Your job is to predict whether there will be more (Over) or fewer points/goals than that (Under). 

Handicap bets

Handicap bets, or spread bets as they are known in some parts of the world, are very special and exciting. Namely, the bookies will deduct a number of points or goals from the favourites and assign them to the underdogs. When you back the favourites to win, they need to cover the indicated spread for the bet to be successful. If you choose to back the underdogs, they need only lose by fewer points or goals than projected or win the match altogether. The handicap or spread that applies to the favourites is indicated with a minus (-) sign, while the one that applies to the underdogs is portrayed with a plus (+) sign. 

Correct score

The correct score betting market is pretty self-explanatory. It allows you to predict the exact score of the game. It usually comes with appealing odds that are proportionate with the difficulty of predicting the score of any sporting event. 

Outright or futures

Outright or futures are those bets that relate to all future events, for example, which team will win the championship. 

Proposition bets

Proposition or prop bets are wagers that refer to the performance of any given player or the whole team. Namely, you can bet on whether a player will get a red card or if that player will get ejected. The main advantage of proposition bets is their creative element.

Half-time bets

Half-time bets let you bet on the halftime result rather than the final score.

UserHow to Open an Account at 10bet™

Registering an account at 10bet™ requires only a few steps. Here’s what you need to do to get the show on the road: 


Press the Join Now button in the page's upper right corner.


Input a valid phone number.


Type in a 4-digit PIN and confirm it.


Enter a referral code if available.


Tick the box saying that you are at least 18 years old and accept the terms and conditions of use. 


10bet™ will then send a code to your phone number to verify it.


Verify the number by clicking on the Verify and Register button.


You are good to go.

Note that 10bet™ reserves the right to ask for further account verification before it accepts your payment requests. In that case, you will have to provide copies of government-issued IDs, such as an ID card, a passport or a driver’s licence. For proof of address, you will have to provide copies of recent utility bills, while for financial checks, you will have to submit a copy of a recent credit, debit, bank account, or phone-based money transfer. 

GamesHow to start your sports betting journey with 10bet™

Betting on sports through 10bet™ is as simple as it can be. The betting platform has the users’ best interests at heart, which is why it was made to be user-friendly and intuitive. The entire process looks like this:


Log in to your 10bet™ account. 


Pick the sport you want to bet on.


Click on the specific match or several matches you are interested in. 


Select the predicted outcome.


The bets will become automatically visible in the betslip menu.  


Input the amount you wish to bet and confirm the predictions by hitting the Place Bet button.


All bets will now be displayed in the My Bets section. 

If you have any problems placing bets or anything else, you can always contact the customer support team available 24/7. 10bet™ doesn’t require you to download any software. The site is fully optimised for web browsers and works on both desktop and mobile devices. 

Credit cardPayment and Withdrawal Methods at 10bet™

Not only does 10bet™ support payments made in Kenyan Shillings, but it also accepts a range of local deposit and withdrawal methods. We don’t charge any fees for processing your payments. The maximum amount of winnings you can accrue in one day is limited to KSE 10,000,000.

On the other hand, the minimum withdrawal amount is KSE 50, while the maximum withdrawal request must not exceed KSE 300,000 per day. The maximum monthly withdrawal limit is set at KSE 6,500,000.

You must use the same method for cashouts as for deposits. If you ask to cash out your funds before wagering the amount at least once, you’ll be charged a 10% withdrawal fee. 

Before 10bet™ can process your payments, you need to verify your account, especially before asking for a withdrawal. 

If you have any problems with payments, you can always reach out to the customer support team by sending an email to [email protected] It would be prudent to read the T&Cs carefully before submitting a payment. Otherwise, you may be surprised to learn of the limits or other restrictions. 

Also, if you want a detailed record of your transactions, you can select “Transaction history” from the account menu. All details related to payments made within the last day, week, or month are available there. 

SmartphoneMobile Sports Betting at 10bet™

10bet™ is a fully optimised site that works with all types of desktop and mobile devices, regardless of their operating systems or screen sizes. The mobile version of the site requires no software downloads. It’s compatible with all mobile web browsers, so you need only open your browser, go to 10bet™, register an account or log in to an existing one, and play.

Not only will you be able to bet on all the same betting markets available to desktop users, but you will also be entitled to all the same lucrative bonuses and promotions, if not a few additional ones reserved for mobile users only. 

10bet™ Sports Betting App 

10bet™ has also developed a native Android app you can download directly from the site. To allow the app to download onto your device, you need to tweak the security settings on your phone or tablet to enable downloads and installation from third-party sources. 

Once you get that out of the way, you’ll be able to enjoy the spectrum of services and options the app offers. There are no glitches, freezes, or bugs you need to worry about. The app is characterised by excellent navigation, responsiveness, and screen compatibility.

Also, the app is just as safe and secure as all other apps from Google, even though it’s unavailable in the Play Store. 

ClipboardResponsible and Legal Sports Betting Policy at 10bet™

10bet™ is an entirely legal betting site in Kenya, with a gaming licence from the country’s chief regulator, the Betting Control and Licensing Board, empowered by the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act, Cap 131, Laws of Kenya. 

As per Kenya’s laws, 10bet™ is required to conduct a thorough KYC process and implement a responsible gambling policy to protect players from the harmful effects of gambling. 

If you feel that your gambling habits have become problematic, you can contact the customer support team and ask to apply your self-exclusion to help you combat excessive gambling. 

You can find more details on the responsible gaming page at 10bet™. 

Help CircleFAQ

What is 10bet™?

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10bet™ is an online sports betting site designed to cater to customers from Kenya. It’s licensed and regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board, under licence number BCLB no. 0000451, which guarantees the site's safety and fair practices.

What is the maximum withdrawal amount at 10bet™?

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The maximum withdrawal is limited to KSE 300,000 per day. The monthly withdrawal limit is KSE 6,500,000.

Does 10bet™ offer a welcome bonus?

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Absolutely. A 50% first deposit match bonus of up to KSE 1,000 is available to first-time users. You can find all current promotional offers on the promotions page. 

How do I register at 10bet™?

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To register an account, press the Join Now button and follow the instructions.

What is the legal gambling age at 10bet™?

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The legal gambling age in Kenya is 18.